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Naturally Africa is a curated collection of content that features good news from the bright continent. It’s owned and maintained by Suzanne Whitby, a South African storyteller, writer, marketeer and serial entrepreneur presently based in Innsbruck, Austria.

If you look for news about Africa, it often tends to be negative. Poverty, political problems, disease, drought, unemployment and exploitation feature daily in news outlets across the internet. But that’s just one facet of a continent that is bigger than China, India, the contiguous U.S. and most of Europe combinedand this tendency to only report the negatives is not just sloppy reporting, but also an insult to the positive things that are taking place across the 54 countries across the continent.

Suzanne is on a mission to find Africa’s good news. She’s not ignorant – she knows that the negatives exist – but she wants to find and share Africa’s good points in an attempt to balance things out.

If you have an interesting article about something positive happening somewhere in Africa – on a local, national or regional level – feel free to share it with Suzanne here.

Disclaimer (because the world wide web is a bit like the Wild West):

Although Suzanne curates content and is selective about the content that she includes in Naturally Africa, she assumes no  responsibility for the content of websites that can be accessed from Naturally Africa. Naturally Africa is provided as an as-is service to users and the content curators offer no form of guarantee about the quality of the services or products available on linked sites.

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The images used to illustrate Naturally Africa posts are credited clearly at the end of each post, including those taken from public domain websites. In the event that you spot an image that violates a copyright (we hope that you won’t!), please contact us and we’ll remove it as soon as possible.

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