Botswana’s Ian Khama on leaders-for-life and Donald Trump

It’s refreshing to learn about Botswana President Ian Khama’s views on the world. As most African leaders maintained a stony silence in response to Congolese leader Joseph Kabila’s determination to postpone elections and extend his stay in office, Khama’s government urged Kabila to relinquish power.

When Robert Mugabe was toppled as president of neighboring Zimbabwe after almost four decades in office, his response on Facebook was: “Better late than never.”

And when Donald Trump’s comment about “shithole countries”, lumping Africa (the whole continent) into his critisism, Khama’s administration issued a statement on Twitter asking the U.S. ambassador to officially clarify if he included Botswana in that category, Bloomberg’s Rene Vollgraaff and Mbongeni Mguni report.

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Full article available on the Bloomberg website. Header photo by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

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