Kenyan conservationists protest as Chinese company starts work on railway inside Nairobi’s famed national park

Kenya’s government has come under fire for failing to halt the construction of a railway just 7km from Nairobi that passes through an area in which lions, hyenas and giraffes roam at will in the vast reserve that is facing multiple pressures from a burgeoning city and the accompanying infrastructure demands.

Conservationists challenged an impact study carried out in 2016, and the result was that that national environment tribunal ordered construction be stopped until the case could be heard, which it was required by law to do.

In 2017, the government tried to overturn this ruling by amending the law, and a small group of activists were on spot to protest, according to The Guardian

The Guardian reports

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Full article available on The Guardian website. Header photo by Harshil Gudka on Unsplash

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